Board Of Directors

We are privileged to operate in a community rich with basketball enthusiasts (a.k.a. gym rats) and leaders who are generous with their time. Through the years, many wonderful individuals have helped shape the Kreul. From our founders to our volunteers, our organization is built by and continues to thrive from amazing people who have stepped up and taken charge.  This dynamic roster of board members is currently administering our game plan.


Real Job: Broward Sheriff (retired)
Kreul Starter Since: 1989 - Founding Member
Favorite Kreul Memory: The year John Sally was our featured guest and he presented me with the Kreul’s Volunteer of the Year honor. I am proud to still be working with this great organization so many years later.


Real Job: Asics Representative
Kreul Starter Since: 1989 - Founding Member
Favorite Kreul Memory: The team BBQ at the Cypress Park Pool when all the teams formed an impromptu circle and the kids took turns dancing in the center while everyone else cheered them on.


Real Job: Eastbay Sales Representative
Kreul Starter Since: 2013


Real Job: Cloud Telecommunications
Kreul Starter Since: 1999
Favorite Kreul Memory: Listening to Greece Athena High School basketball coach Jim Johnson tell his story about Jason McElwain his autistic team manager that scored 20 points including six three’s in a division title game.


Real Job: Costco Wholesale Butcher
Kreul Starter Since: 2012
Favorite Kreul Memory: When Ely’s Jermaine Walker scored 60 at a sold-out Taravella gym!


Real Job: Transportation Manager
Kreul Starter Since: 2010
Favorite Kreul Memory: Seeing the faces of the kids after Santa gives them their bikes at center court.


Real Job: Referee
Kreul Starter Since: 2013


Real Job: Homebuilder (retired)
Kreul Starter Since: 2009
Favorite Kreul Memory: I am one of the guys old enough to have played with Jimmy Kreul, so the 25th anniversary is most memorable to me. Doing anything good for 25 years is impressive. Doing it with lifelong friends is a blessing.


Real Job: Commercial Airline Captain (retired)
Kreul Starter Since: 1989 - Founding Member
Favorite Kreul Memory: The Pompano Ely-Dallas Carter game at Taravella. It was a standing-room-only crowd and we were still turning people away outside. Jermaine Walker and Marquis Shead were just too much for Dallas to handle.

Emeritus Status


Real Job: Insurance Sales (retired)
Kreul Starter Since: 1989 - Founding Member
Favorite Kreul Memory: Having the entire Kreul family, which came from all over the country, join us in honor of our 25th anniversary and in the same year awarding our 70th scholarship. It just validates that we’re doing something right.


Real Job: Court Reporter (retired)
Kreul Starter Since: 1989 - Founding Member